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The Story


Sass! Spice & Co. began as small cottage industry based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. The idea was scratched out on paper one cold winter night over a bowl of non-GMO popcorn…probably watching a hockey game! Growing up Popcorn had always been the snack of choice in our family, and being that popcorn not only has many great memories for me, but is a great snack food, I still enjoy it to this day!  While good old-fashioned butter and Sea salt will always have a special place in my heart, every once in a while I just wanted to jazz it up!  After reading the ingredients on a bottle of Popcorn Seasoning, not only was I mystified, I was downright annoyed!  My gut was telling me I had to do something about it… literally!  That was the moment that Sass! Spice & Co. was born!

I love to cook, love to eat, and love to bring family and friends close through good food!  As my knowledge of nutrition increased, I began to see that we should never have to compromise our health for the sake of convenience and great taste!  All of us cooks and even a few chefs I’m sure, reach for a package or bottle of seasoning to bring ‘life’ to our dishes, but does it really??  As with the popcorn seasoning, I began to see that the reason commercially made seasonings were so inexpensive was because they were mixed with so many preservatives, flavor enhancers, anti-caking agents, processed salt and sugar!  Being an avid ‘ingredient reader’,  I felt that some days, I was navigating a mine field just to get supper on the table, and not give anyone cancer in the process!

Because of the SAD (Standard American Diet) state of affairs, my conviction only deepened to cook with ingredients that heal and not harm us!  I decided to make it my mission to provide the ones that I care about with healthy seasoning “options” that don’t contain Genetically Modified Organisms or other toxic ingredients.  My journey began by first creating my own Artisan blends of Popcorn Spice, then blossomed into Spice Blends, Rubs, Dips, Salad and Sauce Mixes and Chick Flicks — my version of Shake/Bakes!  I like to think of Sass! Spice & Co. as providing ‘seasonings with a conscience’, and now they are available not just for my family but for you!   With over 25 GLUTEN FREE options, everyone can find their favorites, and there’s more to come! The flavor profiles of Sass! Spice blends are crazy delicious, easy to use and exceptionally versatile! (See Recipes Tab) You’ll be experimenting in the kitchen in no time! But be careful… they’re addictive! They will add ‘gourmet’ flavors to everyday dishes or snacks and your body will do a happy dance because they not only taste good, they are good for you!

I feel I have found the perfect ‘recipe’ by blending my nutritional knowledge, folding in my ‘foodie’ passion and a dash of love for the outstanding flavors that nature offers! Life is too short to eat plain celery sticks and tofu! Because my Sass! Spice blends offer pure, organic goodness … you truly can ‘SASS! with Joyful Abandon!!

For Best Results, SASS! Your FOOD…not your Mama.