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“Seasonings with a Conscience”

Organic Spices and Herbs can bring ‘life’ to your food, and your body.  One of my visions for this company is that Sass! Spice will always be committed to not only bring awareness of this simple fact, but to provide convenient and healthy seasoning options for cooks everywhere!  I have had a lot of fun and satisfaction on this journey creating these ‘seasonings with a conscience’, and now I can share them with you as my company progresses and develops!

It has been a roller coaster of emotions and decisions!  Just as uncovering truth about the degradation of our food sources and their impact on our well being, has almost caused me to grieve, so has the joy of finding like minded people who are doing what they can to turn things around, kept me motivated and enthused!   I was stunned to learn that Non-Organic Spices and Herbs imported into this country are subjected to huge amounts of gamma radiation to kill bugs etc. (equivalent to 30,000 chest x-rays) so that added fuel to my fire in sourcing out only Organic Spices and Herbs which are cured through Steam Sterilization.  It is time consuming, and more expensive to produce anything that warrants Organic certification, but I support them because Organic methods produce exceptional spices and herbs, in both flavour and health benefits!!  Kudos to the Ranchers and Farmers around the world who are raising their livestock with Organic and Humane practices and farming with Organic protocol for Agriculture and feed. Please support them, for their dedication and taking the ‘high road’, and acknowledge their contributions to our well being!

For the past few decades, the Scientific Health and Wellness community has been researching and providing evidence connecting the deconstruction and tampering of the food chain, to health issues of every kind.  It seems that the more processed foods reached grocery store shelves, the more health issues were ‘cropping’ up.   Genetically Modified Organisms, Pesticides, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Additives for Colour, Flavour and Sweetener, and preservatives have been linked to everything from Autism, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crones Disease, Celiac, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart and Cholesterol issues, Fertility Issues, Hormone Disruptors, to Mental Disorders, and ultimately… Cancer.  The realization of how our generation, our children, and their children, will fare, being raised on this “Frankenstein Food” is coming to the forefront,  as we are seeing diseases and ‘conditions’ appearing in younger and younger people.  Our Medical System is flooded with health ‘conditions’ that never even existed 50 years ago!  Awareness and education are the first steps in stopping this travesty!

Being of a curious nature, and seeing first hand with my own health, the crippling effects of embracing a diet of processed foods, and then later, the huge benefits of switching to primarily a Whole Food Diet, I was catapulted into a quest for education and truth.  And although my quest is ongoing, over the past 10 years, I became a student of using ‘nutraceuticals’ for their healing benefits.  The term ‘Nutraceuticals’ was coined in the late 1990’s, to describe any food component that has ‘extra’ health benefits, creates optimum performance in the body, or can be used for prevention of disease.  The ‘nutritional science’ of food has been a passion of mine for two reasons:  First, the healing power of nutraceuticals has proven effective since the beginning of man, and second, the rise in cancer and disease has been proportionate to the corruption of our food chain, as well as pollution of our environment.  According to statistics from medical and science journals, the incidence of cancer diagnosed in the late 1800’s was 1 in 8,000 persons, and just over 100 years later, it is 1 in 5.  Wow!  And that’s progress??!!

My quest has also taken me on a journey back through time, fascinated by how ancient cultures seemed to have an ‘innate Wisdom’ in the use of foods, herbs and spices.  This ‘innate Wisdom’ not only used spices and herbs to create certain flavour profiles, but to heal and prevent disease.  This ‘innate Wisdom’ is one which we have lost, or, in our arrogance, have dismissed.  Wisdom that validated the power of certain spices and herbs used in medicinal application, and facilitated our bodies survival instinct.  When given the ‘right parameters’, our body will fight for us to maintain balance, heal, and correct deficiencies.

Pouring over many Nutritional Manuals and Spices and Herbs textbooks, I thought, “Why can’t I combine “the science” with “the taste”??  Why not bring a “flavour revolution” to kitchens everywhere, using organically farmed ingredients, and great taste combinations, and the health benefits will just be the proverbial icing on the ‘organic carrot cake’ ?

Over 2000 years ago, when Hippocrates (considered the Father of Medicine for the Western World) stated his famous words: “First, do no Harm…” he also said:

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”

In his original Physicians oath given in Greek, his first plan of action in curing disease was to ‘create a food plan’… in other words, he used nutraceuticals!  Imagine that!  To use a play on words, Hippocrates was the first to dispense ‘FARMaceuticals’ to cure and prevent disease.  Unfortunately the pharmaceuticals we are given today, only ‘manage’ disease, and leave a trail of side effects promoting other deterioration in their wake.

I believe that our Creator, in His infinite Wisdom, and benevolence, provided all the necessary ingredients on this earth, to keep our bodies functioning well.  Oxygen, Pure Water, Enzymes, Probiotics, Proteins, Minerals and Vitamins, healthy Fats and Carbs… Nature has every single component that is needed for our survival.  If we spurn this gift– what is to be our fate??

In being a ‘gracious’ recipient of this gift, I have decided to utilize what Nature has given us.

Crafting artisan spice blends in small batches, Sass! Spice uses Organic, Non-GMO Spices and Herbs, in taste tested, and proprietary combinations.  These combinations also include: Unrefined Sea Salt (see further Blog Notes on the difference in Table Salt vs Sea Salt), Organic, plant derived nutrient  rich Sweeteners (Raw Cane Sugar, Stevia, Coconut Palm & Date Sugar ), with as little processing as possible, Organic  Air/Freeze Dried Vegetables & Fruits and naturally derived Flavours.  There is no added MSG, Chemical preservatives or Anti-Caking Agents, no Un-fermented Soy, and No Citric Acid (Sour Salt), which, although it is a derivative of citrus fruit, has now been found to be a nerve- irritant to some folks!  And with the exception of ONE Chick Flicks recipe, Wacky Teriyaki, no Gluten or Wheat** or Grain Flours!  Sass! Spice’s product line comprises of Popcorn Toppings, Cooking/ Grilling Spices, Rubs, Party Dips and ‘Chick Flicks’–the Sass! version of Shake & Bakes! The Spice Blends, Popcorn Toppings, Rubs and Dips.   **There is a “Gluten Alert” and “Soy Alert” on my Wacky Teriyaki, as it does contain a powdered Soy Sauce which contains fermented soy, and wheat.  When I can find a ‘wheat –free’ alternative, I will use it!  I have and will continue to do my best to always combine the most wholesome, non-processed, organic ingredients to give you the best flavour, variety and convenience in seasonings!

Here is a quote from Neely Quinn, a nutritionist from Colorado, avid Rock Climber, and author of several books.  After numerous health issues which the doctors couldn’t help her with (Migraines, Digestion issues), she turned from being a Vegetarian to Paleo (balanced diet of Selective Meats, Fats, Greens, Fruits, Non-Grain Carbs from Whole Foods, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds):

“If you’re eating good meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, or any other nutritious whole food, you’ll feel full after eating a regular sized meal and be done. Processed foods tend to leave you wanting more and that is what their manufacturers want because that is how they sell more of their product and make more money.

Many large processed food companies actually have “food scientists” who study addiction and intentionally engineer their foods to appeal to those natural human cravings. Our minds instinctively seek out sweet and salty flavors more than anything else and processed foods blast our senses with an overload of these pleasurable sensations.

Processed foods also include artificial flavors and sweeteners that have next to no nutritional value and are often unhealthy in and of themselves. For example, monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer commonly found in Chinese food that lends a delicious salty flavor to many dishes but may actually be bad for your health. MSG has been linked to heart problems, obesity, and even brain damage, yet it continues to be used in foods because it’s so addictively delicious.

Artificial flavors and preservatives are loosely regulated, vaguely labeled, and within our bodies once combined there is little knowledge of how they inevitably impact our overall health. Many health conditions ranging from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut, gluten sensitivity, and other food related allergies are more than likely influenced by the effects of artificial ingredients acting on the body. When you think about it, these “food scientists” turn processed foods into drugs, which make kicking the habit a very hard thing to do. You may initially experience withdrawals, but over time these urges pass.”

Food for Thought.