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Sass! Kickin’ BBQ Chicken

Makes Serves 3 -4 People

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: Sauce: 20 minutes Chicken: 45 minutes

Hey! that rhymes...well no wonder!  There is great symmetry in this recipe of Sass! Kickin' BBQ Chicken because it uses both  Love Me Tender Rub, and the Sass! Kickin' BBQ Sauce Mix .  So easy to prepare, and in about an hour, you have Chicken that is Juicy and tender inside with that deep smokey, and spicey sweet Barbecue flavor of the south!  No artificial flavors, no High Fructose Corn Syrup or Processed Sugar.... This is one of my 'go-to summer foods' because you cook it on the grill and don't have to heat up the kitchen! I like to use the Whole legs because of the juiciness of the dark meat, but I also like the whole breast with skin on and bone it...I just cut the breast in half with Kitchen Shears so they are about the size of the thigh.  Throw that chicken in a sealer bag and sprinkle the package over, and give it a deep 'love me Tender' Rub!   Put the sealer bag with chicken in the fridge for 6-8 hours, and that chicken will be happy!  While the Chicken is getting its flavor on, you can whip up a batch of my Sass! Kickin' Homemade BBQ Sauce, (click on above link for recipe) then you can prepare the rest of your meal.

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Recipe How-To

1. Prepare chicken pieces, by removing extra fat under skin, and if need be, cut backbone off of thigh with kitchen scissors. The less bone, the quicker cooking time.

2. After patting meat dry, take a sharp knife and lightly stab meat randomly. Place chicken in large sealer bag, and sprinkle over Love me Tender Rub, down both sides of bag. Seal Bag well, shake bag in different directions to coat chicken well, open seal, and let air out of bag, gently massage the chicken in the bag, so rub is worked into cuts. Place chicken in bag in fridge and let the magic happen for 6-8 hours!

3. Make the Sass! Kickin' Homemade BBQ Sauce recipe ...cooks for about 20 minutes, then take off heat and let cool. After your chicken has marinated for 6 hours, and you have the rest of your meal ready, heat up the grill using my 'Fake Convection' technique.

4. Here is my 'Fake Convection' technique... Heat up outside burners to 400 degrees on BBQ, leaving the middle burner off. Place chicken on middle burner, so it isn't over direct flame. Let the chicken skin start to sizzle and don't move the meat around for at least 4 minutes, when the fat will 'self-release' the skin and you can start moving the chicken around. Let it cook for another few minutes, then flip the chicken pieces over, and repeat, keeping it away from the flame. After chicken has cooked for about 8 minutes on both sides, start basting chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce and moving it around. Repeat for both sides until chicken has cooked on the middle burner for around 20 minutes...Turn down outside burners to low, and when the temp. reaches 300 degrees, move chicken pcs. over to direct but low flame. Continue basting and turning until when you cut by bone, the juice is clear. Serve with extra BBQ Sauce and ENJOY!