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Is it Hot Out or What?? Summer Cooking

ribeye steak on the grillI have to admit,  as much as I love to cook and invent  recipes using my Sass! Spice Blends…with 34+ degrees registering on the thermometer outside…heating up the kitchen by having the oven on, just isn’t my cup of tea. (Make that Iced Tea! whew!)  Is it hot out or what??  Summer cooking can be fun if you have the convenience of  Sass! Spice Blends, and Dip mixes to keep your cool!  Plus you save a trip to the store for just a few ingredients!  So…my go-to summer meals are salads, with lettuce from the garden!, a platter of fresh veggies with dip, and some grilled meat with a few grilled veggies.   Cooking anything on the grill when it’s that hot outside takes full on attention, as the temperature inside the grill seems to stay on 500 degrees no matter how low you turn the dials!  But I will persevere for the taste of a juicy Rib Eye seasoned with Sass! Kickin’ Steak Spice or succulent Chicken done with my Sass! Kickin’ Homemade BBQ Sauce!

I whipped up a couple bowls of dips, Cheeky Chive & Cheddar Dip, and Garden of Eat’n, along with some fresh veggies, and then a Caesar Salad with fresh garden Romaine!  The other thing I love to do is slice a large sweet onion in half, then drizzle with a little OVO, and Miracle Dust, and the same with some large slices of Yam, and throw them on the grill as well for the last 15 min. and then you have a scrumptious meal, without breaking a sweat!  Well…almost!

Summer Tip:  Always have a large watermelon on hand, for messy and delicious snacking, as with all fruit, wait 1 hour after meals, or eat in between meals!  Watermelon is very cleansing to the kidneys!