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SASS_149So, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT ORGANIC?    I get asked this question a lot, even from my own family, and so I will give you my 2 Big Deals about buying and eating Organic.  (This is also the motivation behind sourcing organically grown ingredients for my Sass! Spices!)

The FIRST BIG DEAL About Organic, is that Certified Organic Spices, Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables cannot be grown using Genetically Engineered Seed, or Genetically Modified Organisms, known as GMO’s.   Just to clarify, Genetically Modified Seed is not to be confused with the Hybrids that were brought about during the 60’s and have continued to be a part of agriculture advancements today.  Hybrids take two whole original strands of DNA from two species or varieties, and join them to bring out the best traits of both DNA’s…kind of like selective breeding practices in livestock.  GMO seed, on the other hand, has its own DNA pulled apart and altered for specific unnatural outcomes, like not dying when saturated with herbicides or pesticides!   This measure taken by Organic farmers to use naturally derived seed, with it’s DNA intact, is critical in protecting our bodies’ process of digestion, or, how we assimilate the ‘natural healing components’ of spices, herbs, and all foods for that matter. Natural, or organically grown vegetation, as well as the animals that feed on naturally grown vegetation, does not corrupt the bodies’ natural design of assimilation of proteins, enzymes, fats, vitamins and minerals.  Genetically modified foods DO corrupt this process.  Firstly, they do NOT give us the same nutritional value as Organic foods do. Secondly, because of their very unnatural ‘test tube manufactured DNA’, they confuse and destroy our assimilation process at the cellular level, and therein lies the danger. We the people, and our children, have become their lab rats, and the long term effects are frightening.  This could be something out of a Tom Cruise or James Bond movie, but it is real life!! Are the companies that produce and endorse GMO grown foods really doing so with a clear conscience??? Many scientists who have researched GMO’s know the truth, and they have spoken out against this.  They have been threatened, had their families threatened, been bought off or hushed up.  It really makes you think twice before jumping on the ‘feed the world’ band wagon, and next time you reach for that apple or carrot, or blend it up for the baby, pause, and please make an informed choice.

Note: The current “pro-GMO” argument, by growing crops resistant to weeds and disease we can produce higher yields to feed the world, has already been proven untrue.  Farmers and scientists around the world have seen the results, as GMO seeds that have had their DNA altered, are beginning to show signs of mutations, faulty nutritional delivery and stunted growth, not to mention the long term destruction to soils and our eco-systems!  That is on the plant side of things, on the human side it gets even more insidious.  Remember, when you ingest GMO foods, you are also ingesting foods that have been soaked in high doses of toxic chemicals, like Round Up, which according to Molecular Biologists, and Toxicologists, will eat tiny holes in the lining of your stomach, destroying the blood barrier, even affecting the brain! Scary huh?   So, in good conscience, how can we say we are doing the third world a favor by introducing these ‘life destroying’ GMO foods into their food chain??  

You have to wonder who has the most to gain, from this Frankenfood…Maybe the Chemical Companies who first sell billions of gallons of toxic pesticides to the agriculture industry, or then maybe the Pharmaceutical companies who ‘supposedly’ come to our rescue when we start manifesting symptoms of the chemical poisoning??  As with any good swindle or con… follow the money. 

A journalist for an Organic Food and Wine magazine, made this comment after asking a certain local Organic Winery in British Columbia, what they meant by ‘beyond Organic’.  He was told they practice this form of ‘old school’ farming, with no pesticides, natural fertilizers, and crop rotation.

“ They do not use chemical fertilizers, knowing that natural gas is chemically converted into ammonia based fertilizers and that petroleum products are actual ingredients in manufacturing fertilizers and pesticides. Scientists discovered that plants could look great when grown with chemical fertilizers containing the three macronutrients shown on bags as three numbers representing N, P and K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium). Unfortunately, without the balance of dozens of micro nutrients found in natural systems, these plants were inferior in nutrition and in flavor.

The Second BIG DEAL about Organic Herbs and Spices is the shocking fact that most non-Organic Spices and Herbs, and some fruits, nuts, and meats imported into this country are subject to huge amounts of ‘gamma radiation’ for sterilization purposes.  (Spices are at the top for most doses of irradiation!)  These large doses of radiation also destroy the ‘natural healing components’ and our assimilation process of spices and herbs. Our bodies then absorb the radioactive residue after ingestion and our liver, kidneys and cells are left with trying to clean it out of our system. Organic Spices and Herbs on the other hand are subject to a quick but effective Steam Sterilization process to halt any mold or insect invasion.

So higher nutritional values combined with leaving our Digestive, Immune and Detoxification systems intact, and not eating foods that have toxic radioactive residue, are just two of my top reasons to explain “what’s the big deal about Organic?”

Herbs and Spices grown and harvested in their natural state are a gift from Nature, with so many benefits for the body, so enjoy this gift to the max with Sass! Spice & Co.!


FYI:  How to tell if your fruit, veggies, herbs and spices are Organic!  When shopping in the Grocery Store, you have probably noticed the stickers on your fruits and veggies, and a #number on there.  US Dept. Of Agriculture uses this number to identify how they are grown.

Numbers starting with 4:  Naturally grown, still with traditional farming practises, Traditional pesticides and little crop rotation, and some irradiation.

Numbers starting with 9 and then 4: Organically grown, using Organic methods of crop rotation, resting the soil, and giving it a chance to build up its nutritional composition, safer, organic pest control, NO irradiation or GMO seeds..

Numbers starting with 8 and then 4:  Genetically modified to resist dying after being saturated with toxic chemicals.  AVOID these!


By buying Organic, even local, you support and endorse the laborious measures that Organic farmers have taken to keep our generations healthy!

Your body will thrive, and will love you for it!

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